Monday, December 1, 2008

(Updated) Merry Christmas in Malaybalay City

As I am writing this down, the city government is holding a semi-formal short program to open the annual "Light a Tree" project at the Plaza Rizal.

The project involve establishments and other organizations in the city to take charge of glorifying an existing tree or a structure with Christmas lights.

It is actually a contest but its ultimate goal is to delight the Malaybalaynons with the Christmas atmosphere .

It is not exactly a grandiose display of lights and sights but its enough to amaze the residents typical of simple living in the province of Bukidnon.

The city of Valencia usually has brighter lights but I am not sure it stays on this year. Will update this with photos and more details later.

Updates: Mayor Flores spoke to the crowd last night about the change in preparations for the Light A Tree endeavor. He said due to the global crisis, many private companies have to beg off from sponsoring the project.

The mayor announced that it is the city government departments who has prepared for the tree lighting with a budget of about P10,000 each.

But he said in an interview today (02 December) that next year it would be a mixed local government and private sector initiative.
Some observers at Plaza Rizal said decorations last year was brighter but this year's presentation isn't a far cry from that.

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